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The Networking Channel

FEB 2024

WED 28

8am PST

panel discussion

Are we living the long-awaited AI revolution for Networking with Generative AI?


JP Vasseur, PhD – Cisco Fellow AI & VP Engineering – Cisco System


Matt Caesar – Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Illinois

Machine learning (ML) has been pivotal in advancing various applications within networking and the Internet for several decades. Various ML technologies have been employed to detect anomalies, analyze root causes, and make predictions and forecasts. These “classic” ML technologies are expected to continue expanding into numerous networking fields. However, generative AI has unlocked a host of new possibilities and has made it easier for newcomers to enter the field. In our discussion, we will briefly examine promising generative AI architectures and technologies. We’ll explore how they can be applied to a vast array of new use cases, introducing both intriguing challenges and opportunities for groundbreaking research.


5pm CEST

(8am PST / 11 am EST / 1am JST)


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panel discussion