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The Networking Channel


The Networking Channel

This time of physical distancing has made in-person technical meetings/discussions difficult (at best) and precipitated a move to various forms of online interaction. One positive aspect of this change is that individuals who may not have been able to travel to in-person meetings, are now able to participate remotely in research activities, broadening the reach of our community. But in this time of distancing, new vehicles are needed to maintain and build our networking research and education community, as we adapt our forms of scientific cooperation.

The Empower EU support action together with the NSF PAWR Office, and in cooperation with ACM Sigcomm, acting as a catalyst between the global communities involved in future advanced networking activities, aims to continue this dialogue and build community in this unprecedented time and beyond, organizing a series of events as an online “channel” where the global networking research and education community will be able to meet and share.

The networking community channel will be organized as a regular event taking place:

every other Wednesday, at 8am PST (11am EST, 5pm CET, 1am JST)

where a diversity of events will be organized for the community, live and prerecorded. Topics are broad and open ranging from research to experimentation and education. The channel will consist of webinars, panels, tutorials, virtual site visits, keynotes and any other innovative forms of community interaction.  A location where previous streams can be downloaded and viewed asynchronously will also be provided.

A program committee will develop the programming of the channel topics, and will seek strong and active community input as to a broad and diverse set of topics.