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The Networking Channel

Apr 2023

WED 12

5pm CEST

panel discussion

Entrepreneurship in Computer Networks: Learn from the lessons of those who have already tried it


Dina Katabi – Co-Founder of Emerald Innovations and Professor at MIT, USA

Anne-Marie Kermarrec – Professor at EPFL, Switzerland

Hui Zhang – Co-Founder of Conviva and Professor at CMU, USA

Guilherme Senges – Co-Founder of Anlix, Brazil


Christophe Diot – Principal Engineer at Network Operations team, Google

Edmundo de Souza e Silva – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Creating a startup in the area of computer networking can be a challenging and rewarding endeavor, as with many high-tech industries. Although the modern concept of computer networks has been around for over 50 years, there is still a plethora of problems to be tackled, as the area rapidly changes and demand for faster, more reliable solutions that meet user demands continues to grow. Furthermore, simple and niche but important problems may present opportunities for innovative solutions.

This panel discussion will explore why computer networking has been such a promising area for entrepreneurship, and the key issues and challenges aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the lessons of those who have already attempted network entrepreneurship, with insights into success factors and pitfalls to avoid.


5pm CEST

(8am PST / 11 am EST / 1am JST)


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panel discussion