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The Networking Channel

Gergely Sipos

Gergely Sipos


Gergely Sipos is the Head of the Services, Solutions and Support department at the EGI Foundation. He is responsible for the provisioning and innovation of services owned by the EGI Foundation, and for overseeing the operational status of the EGI infrastructure. The three teams of his department, with the help of EGI’s national e-infrastructures, perform user community engagement, requirement collection & analysis, service piloting and service customisation for communities, as well as deliver operational services, training and support. Gergely holds MSc and PhD in computer science with specialisation in management, from the University of Miskolc (Hungary).

Yuri Demchenko


Extensive knowledge and practical experience in wide range of Internet technologies and applications, including Network and Application Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data Infrastructure, Computer Grid and Web Services, Operational Security and Security Risk analysis, Authentication, Authorisation and Identity management, XML technologies.

Practical experience in standardisation in Internet, Cloud, Grid and Information technologies (IETF, GGF, CEN/ISSS).

Strong commitment to innovation and development

Specialties: Java, XML, XML Schema, Web Services, Clouds virtualisation platforms, Computer Grids, Virtual Organisations, Workflow, BPEL, Security Vulnerability analysis, Authentication, Authorisation, Identity management, SAML, XACML, PKI

Raffaele Bruno


I hold a Ph.D. in information engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy (June 2003). I received my M.Sc. degree in telecommunications engineering from the same university in 1999. I am a senior researcher at the Institute for Informatics and Telematics (IIT) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). My current research interests focus on the design, evaluation and prototyping of network architectures and data management algorithms for the Internet of Things, resource allocation for mobile edge computing systems, and end-to-end slicing in 5G networks.

Tian Guo


I am a system researcher by training and am particularly passionate about designing systems mechanisms and policies to handle trade-offs in cost, performance, and efficiency for emerging applications. Since joining WPI, my group’s research has focused on improving system support and performance for machine learning (ML)-related workloads. Because ML is widely adopted in many applications, it is critical to have performant systems that can effectively train, serve, and manage ML models. For example, a cost-effective cloud training framework can help ML practitioners innovate without requiring expensive on-premise GPU servers. Specifically, we worked on providing mechanisms and policies for cloud-based distributed training, improving deep learning inference performance for mobile applications, and designing tailored optimizations for applications, including augmented reality, serverless computing, and video streaming. Our research is supported by National Science Foundation, Google Cloud, and VMWare Research. It has led to publications in top venues in the computer system (e.g., ICDCS, VLDB, MobiSys, SoCC) and machine learning  (e.g., ECCV, KDD, ICML).



Prof. Serge Fdida


Serge Fdida is a Professor with Sorbonne Université (formally with UPMC) since 1995. His research interests are related to the future internet technology and architecture. He has been leading many research projects in Future Networking in France and Europe, notably pioneering the European activity on federated Internet testbeds. He is currently leading the Equipex FIT, a large-scale testbed on the Future Internet of Things. Serge Fdida has published numerous scientific papers, in addition to several patents and one rfc. He is a Distinguished ACM Member and an IEEE Senior member. He was one of the founders of the ACM Conext conference, general chair of ACM Mobicom 2015 and IEEE Infocom 2019. Serge Fdida has also developed a strong experience related to innovation and industry transfer, – he was the co-founder of the Qosmos company, – one of the active contributors to the creation of the Cap Digital cluster in Paris, and currently the President of the EIT Health French community. He held various community and management responsibilities in various organizations including Sorbonne Université and CNRS. Serge Fdida is Vice President for International Development of Sorbonne University.