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The Networking Channel

Feb 2022

WED 16

8am PST

panel discussion

How the Internet grew up outside the US, and lessons learned for the future

Kanchana Kanchanasut – Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand  

Randy Bush – IIJ Research, Japan & Arrcus Inc, USA

Edmundo de Souza e Silva – Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Jim Kurose – Professor of College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Matt Caesar – Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Illinois

There is much written about how the Internet evolved in United States, but less is known about the history of the Internet’s deployment and evolution in other countries. In this panel, we will hear about how the Internet became introduced into Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America.The panelists will recount the history of these efforts and give a sense of the unique challenges and opportunities of deploying in these regions. The paneilsts will also describe lessons learned from these early days, and how those lessons learned might inform various aspects of how things will/should/could evolve in the future.


8am PST

(11am EST / 5pm CET / 1am JST)


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panel discussion