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The Networking Channel

DEC 2023

WED 13

8am PST

panel discussion

LEO Satellite Mega Constellations – the `New Space’ potential


Brandon Lucia – Carnegie Mellon University

Ranveer Chandra – Microsoft

Lili Qiu – University of Texas, Austin

Cristel Pelsser – UCLouvain

Aravindh Raman – Sky and Telefonica Research

François Michel – UCLouvain


Jim Kurose – UMass

Nishanth Sastry – University of Surrey

Debopam Bhattacherjee – Microsoft

Mohamed Kassem – University of Surrey

Reusable boosters and compact satellite design have made it viable to deploy thousands of low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites offering broadband Internet, imagery, IoT, and other services from space. Inter-satellite lasers and low latencies of LEO make communication efficient. The panelists will discuss these opportunities alongside the challenges that might arise due to fast-moving LEO satellites, transient up/down links, weather and interference issues, ground station scarcity, and many other factors. They will also touch upon the interesting systems research challenges.


5pm CEST

(8am PST / 11 am EST / 1am JST)


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panel discussion