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The Networking Channel

MAY 2024

WED 22

8am PST

panel discussion

New Frontiers in Wireless Sensing


Fadel Adib – MIT

Haitham AI Hassanieh – EPFL

Joerg Widmer – IMDEA

Jie Xiong – Microsoft Research Asia – UMass

Qian Zhang – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – (HKUST)

Swarum Kumar – CMU


Lili Qiu – Microsoft Research Asia and UT Austin

This panel brings together preeminent researchers who are at the forefront of advancing wireless sensing technology, creating novel modalities and new applications from healthcare to robotics, from ocean to space exploration, and from wireless sensing to wireless actuation. We will start with discussing practical approaches to enable high accuracy multi-static and asynchronous joint communication and sensing. Then we will delve into cutting-edge advancements in quantum wireless sensing, which leverages quantum receivers to enhance sensing precision beyond the capabilities of traditional RF receivers. We will also discuss the emerging field of leakage wireless sensing, which capitalizes on unintentionally emitted RF signals to open up new sensing opportunities. Additionally, we will explore a range of wireless sensing methods designed to discreetly and cost-effectively monitor human behavior, capturing both physical actions and subtle physiological responses. The panel will also cover breakthroughs in applying wireless sensing to robotics, intelligent environments, and supply chain management. Moreover, we will highlight how foundational wireless sensing techniques are facilitating communication in traditionally inaccessible environments, such as the ocean, with significant implications for tracking climate change, securing food sources, and advancing space exploration. Finally, we will go from wireless sensing to wireless actuation and establish a new class of “wireless-first” cyber-physical systems.


5pm CEST

(8am PST / 11 am EST / 1am JST)


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panel discussion