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The Networking Channel


Frédéric Grosshans


Frédéric Grosshans is CNRS researcher in the quantum information team of the LIP6, a computer science laboratory at Sorbonne Université and co-director of the Quantum Information Center Sorbonne. Physicist by training, he is working on the theory of continuous variable (CV) quantum information (QI) since his PhD thesis, started in 1999, which was also experimental. During his PhD and postdocs (1999–2005), he essentially worked on CV QI, discovering a coherent state based CV quantum cryptography protocol which is still at the core of most modern CV quantum cryptographic systems. Researcher at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) since 2005, he has worked on various theoretical aspects of quantum information, including cryptography based on physics constraints (quantum and/or relativistic), fundamental aspects of quantum physics and optics, and quantum networks.


Rodney Van Meter


Rod Van Meter graduated from Caltech and went to work at USC/ISI in 1986, and has been hanging around with IETF/IRTF folks ever since. His work on network-attached storage systems helped lay the groundwork for iSCSI. Since 2003, his main research topic has been quantum computing and communications, with a gradual drift more completely toward the Quantum Internet side. He is now a professor at Keio University’s Shonan Fujisawa Campus, a WIDE Project board member, and one of the leaders of the Quantum Internet Task Force.

Donald F. Towsley


Professor Towsley’s research spans a wide range of activities from quantum and classical networking and secure communications to distributed learning and inference. He pioneered the area of network tomography and the use of fluid models for the analysis and control of large networks. More recently he pioneered the theoretical study of covert communications and is one of the leading researchers in the area of quantum networking. He is one of the highly cited computer scientists with over 250 articles in leading journals.


Serge Fdida


Serge Fdida is a Professor with Sorbonne Université (formally with UPMC) since 1995. His research interests are related to the future internet technology and architecture. He has been leading many research projects in Future Networking in France and Europe, notably pioneering the European activity on federated Internet testbeds. He is currently leading the Equipex FIT, a large-scale testbed on the Future Internet of Things. Serge Fdida has published numerous scientific papers, in addition to several patents and one rfc. He is a Distinguished ACM Member and an IEEE Senior member. He was one of the founders of the ACM Conext conference, general chair of ACM Mobicom 2015 and IEEE Infocom 2019. Serge Fdida has also developed a strong experience related to innovation and industry transfer, – he was the co-founder of the Qosmos company, – one of the active contributors to the creation of the Cap Digital cluster in Paris, and currently the President of the EIT Health French community. He held various community and management responsibilities in various organizations including Sorbonne Université and CNRS. Serge Fdida is Vice President for International Development of Sorbonne University.