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The Networking Channel

NOV 2023


8am PST

panel discussion

Lessons learned from 40+ years of the Internet: an Industry Perspective


Nandita Dukkipati  – Google

Marwan Fayed  – Cloudflare

Dina Papagianaki – Microsoft

Ramesh Sitaraman – Akamai


Christophe Diot Google

Jim Kurose UMass

A recent NetworkingChannel event was held on the topic of “Lessons learned from 40+ years of the Internet”. That panel arguably reflected a primarily academic point of view. This NetworkingChannel event continues and enriches that discussion, taking the point of view of service and application providers who build and host applications at scale in today’s Internet. The internet was designed to be fully distributed with a very fast network and complexity at the edge. However, the internet today is made of multiple company controlled networks that have made their own interpretations of these internet design principles, introducing programmability, centralization, middle boxes, new congestion control protocols, and more. Panelists will reflect on the lessons of more than 30+ years of experience building and running networks to support applications and services at scale. They will discuss their motivation for choosing specific network designs, constraints they are dealing with, what mistakes they made and how they see the future of networking.


5pm CEST

(8am PST / 11 am EST / 1am JST)


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panel discussion