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The Networking Channel

March 2022


8am PST

panel discussion

Transatlantic perspectives on 6G Vision, Roadmap and Development Model

David Boswarthick – Director of New Technologies, ETSI

Mikko Uusitalo – Head of Research Department Wireless Advanced Technologies, Nokia Bell Labs, Finland

Douglas Castor – Senior Director, InterDigital Research and Innovation for 6G


Serge Fdida – Sorbonne Université


Alain Mourad – InterDigital Europe, EMPOWER Roadmap Lead

Upon issuing its recommendations for IMT-2020 in early 2021, the ITU-R didn’t wait to kick start an effort on IMT-2030 (a.k.a. 6G) vision and future technology trends with the aim to issue a report by the Summer 2022. All global and regional stakeholders into 6G have been developing their visions and roadmaps and contributing inputs into this activity at ITU-R. While the consolidation of the inputs is taking place, this is clearly emerging a global consensus on the services envisioned, target capabilities and technology trends. This webinar will review the 6G visions, roadmaps and related activities at ETSI, in the H2020 6G flagship HEXA-X project and the EMPOWER project, and at the ATIS Next Generation Alliance, and discuss opportunities for transatlantic alignment and collaboration on 6G.


8am PST

(11am EST / 5pm CET / 1am JST)


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panel discussion